Confusion run amok
Each day when we search the terms "Headlight restoration" we would see new pages added daily. It is a fast growing business. I bet you have seen lots of products offered online and the more you read about their products. You will become more confused. There are contradicting statements made and false information given. So the problem boils down to one simple question "Who do I believe?" There is only one truth to all these claims. Someone has to be right or wrong.

So here we are. We are becoming the authority on headlight restoration products. With no marketing or financial interests. We will be purchasing every product we can find and test them and post the results here. The information will be FREE.

About Us is runned by a 2 person team with the hopes of building a website that will become popular. Both have day jobs working for a private company that performs laboratory testing for companies and clients. Our background and experience includes a chemical engineer with heavy emphasis on polymers and the other is a test engineer. This website is currently operating as an independent non-profit webpage. The expenses incurred to date is about $3,900 which includes the domain name, hosting package, products, testing apparatus, equipments and lots of hours (unaccounted).

July 17, 2009

Internet Explorer Issue

 Since IE has so much security issues, I've decided to stop supporting IE scripting for now until the site is close to completed.
July 14, 2009

Website Structure is 90%

 Hi guys we are currently finishing up the templates so we can finally load up the test results and articles.